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Investment Philosophy

  In managing your International Investment Account our goal is to help you achieve stable, above average returns over the long-term.This is accomplished through a disciplined investment process which focuses on preserving your capital.

Defining your Investment Objectives

  Because every investor will have differing objectives as far as risk and returns are concerned it is important for you to select the most appropriate portfolio. Capital Investment Services s.a.l. will be pleased to review your financial situation and objectives with you to help ensure you make the right choices.

Three Portfolio Styles to Choose from

  The Growth Portfolio invests mainly in stocks and equity linked securities with lower weightings in cash, short-term investments and convertible bonds. It is appropriate for investors' long-term capital appreciations that are willing to accept some volatility due to market fluctuations.

  The Balanced Portfolio invests in bonds, equities, cash and short-term investments in a more balanced way and will have a lower equity weighting than the Growth Portfolio. It is designed to achieve a more equal balance between international bonds and equities so as to produce the best mix of income and capital growth with less risk and volatility than the Growth Portfolio.

  The Income Portfolio invests in bonds and each instrument is intended to provide higher levels of income with some capital growth. It is suitable for risk averse investors who wish to preserve capital but generate returns over and above those generally available holding cash deposits.

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