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Capital Investment Services s.a.l. (CIS) is a Financial Institution listed at the Central Bank of Lebanon under No. 11. CIS has a seat on the Beirut Stock Exchange and is a member of the Lebanese clearing house Midclear s.a.l.

  CIS has been instrumental in launching new financial products and investment vehicles in the Lebanese Capital Markets that are designed to meet the needs of both local and international investors.

  CIS is also actively involved in Investment Advisory and Fund Management, Structured Finance, and Mergers and Acquisitions.

CIS has participated with international banks in the following programs:

  $200 million Lebanese Treasury Linked Securities Junior/Senior Notes Program:
Co-arranger and co-placement agent with Crédit Lyonnais Liban s.a.l.

  $50 million Solidere Linked Notes Program:
Co-arranger and co-placement agent with Banque Indosuez and Banque
Libano-Française s.a.l.

  $400 million Republic of Lebanon 5-year Bond issue due July 2000:
Co-lead manager with Paribas Capital Markets

  $20 million Ciment de Sibline s.a.l. 12% Subordinated Convertible Bond issue due February 2003:
Co-placement agent with Banque de la Méditerranée s.a.l.

CIS has launched the $25 million International Lebanese Investment Account Program, in which Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) Investment Management (UK) Limited is acting jointly with CIS as manager.

CIS has launched the $300 million Lebanese Securities, Inc. Junior/Senior Notes Program. Under this program, CIS acts as arranger, servicer, and placement agent, while Royal Bank of Canada acts as trustee, escrow agent, custodian, and paying agent.

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